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12/5/05 10:17 am - sorry it's been so long

I apologize for my lack of entires. Here is where I put my excuse, but I don't have one so I can't put one.

11/20/05 10:54 am - etadpu!


I HATE math!!!!!!!!!

11/18/05 11:20 am

What a pretty wrapper your in.
Folded and molded just so.
A perfect mass of glowing skin.
Godly as far as looks go.

What a pretty wrapper your in.
The envy of all of the rest.
Slim and petite, dainty and thin.
You know your the best of the best.

What a pretty wrapper your in.
But if you took off all the plastic,
They'd all see what you've really been
And it wouldn't be quite as fantastic.

What a pretty wrapper your in.
And your fine until you start to unwrap.
Revealing your heart made of cold tin.
And your numbing braing filled with crap.

What a pretty wrapper your in.
And some are fooled for your sake.
But others see right past your cover.
And know that your the fakest of the fake.

11/15/05 01:30 pm

Sitting in World History and bored is an understatement. This class is so unprogressive. Seems like he assigns so much work, yet our pace throughout the chapters is so fucking slow.
Just like the teacher.

Well. Random stuff. ^_^


just because.

11/15/05 11:40 am - i wanna live in a magazine..



11/14/05 01:30 pm - the saddest words of tounge or pen, are these four words: it might have been.

Sorry I've skimped on writing in here lately.
Busy and what not.


I'm having people over from 5:30-11:30.
Call my cell if you wanna come: 770 309 5091

My address is:
7460 Half Penny Pl.
Atlanta, Ga, 30350

(I live less than a minute from North Springs High School on Spalding Dr.)

Hope to hear from you!!! ^_^

11/8/05 10:06 am - guns don't kill people, people kill people, AND monkeys do, [if they have guns]-eddie izzard


Last night I got an Eddie Izzard DVD.
[cries hysterically]

SO fuckin happy.

11/7/05 11:39 am - You know there's no where else I've wanted to be than be there when you needed me.



11/6/05 10:52 am - hoggle muffin?

So, yeah.
Yesterday, the phone rings and I pick it up 'cause my moms painting all the way over in the guest house. I see the caller ID first and it's a NY location, but for some reason it didn't regester in my mind as someone on the Varello side. [A.K.A: My Moms side] Anyway, it's my Mom's brother, Buddy. And, y'know, I expect him to be stand offish and rude like he has been to me for the past 16 years of my life, but as soon as he begins to talk, I notice a dramatic difference in his general tone. It's pleasent and he even stretches as far as to joke around with me a bit. I react the only way I know how, I joke back of course. Eventually, kind of puzzled, I find my mom and giver her the phone because he asks for her. Apparently, my face expressed how confused I am, because my mom looks concerened when I hand her the phone. I go back to the kitchen and sit down to think about it. Why it would change n all...
Then I remembered back to this summer at my grandmother Vera's funeral when I was standing at the edge of her open grave. Uncle Buddy kind of wandered up beside me.
There was this long long awkward, but normal silence. I mean, it's not like we ever really talked or anything, yet, for some reason, this silence was different. I thought maybe it was just 'cause it was at a funeral, so it's more solemn and respectful, with less tension between us because of that. But it wasn't like that at all.
It was a peaceful silence.
Kind of like, an un-spoken truce.
Since some people said the conflict between my mom and the rest of the family is the real reason Vera died.
So maybe they finially gave up fighting because they see the result of the arguements and the shunning and the yelling and the hitting and the exile.
Or maybe they finially gave up fighting because there was no grandmother around anymore to pick her 'favorite' children.
Whatever the reason is, Buddy talked to me. And not only that, apologized. He was the first one to break the silence that day though. Not looking at me, still looking down at his mom, he said "I'm sorry for all the things you've had to hear in this family. And I'm sorry for what you've seen, too. Anything I've said to you, I take back now. I've been meaning to apologize for a long long time." He was crying. Of course. So I decided to initiate a hug. And he hugged back. It was weird at the time, but now, I wish I said something more than "It's okay."
Then later, at his house when I was in the basement kinda baby-sitting the younger cousins of mine, he called me over to the cellar door. He said he wanted me to help him move things and to watch out for all the dust. But he really gave me some paitings that my mom had done when she was my age. They were so beautiful and I was really touched that he would give these to me. Unfortunately, Buddy's not the type to be all, sentimental, so when I said thank you, he didn't say anything. But he didn't need to.
I had to rush to the car and hide then from my mom until we got to the airport that day 'cause I knew she'd turn the car around and drive all the way back to Komack to give him back the paintings.
She's just modest like that.
Buddy did say that he would apologize to me, but never to his sister [my mother] because, and I quote, "...she's a stubborn ass...sometimes." And the fact that he added a sometimes in there, I knew he, in fact, did apologize to her. My mom later confirmed my thoughts.

I don't know why I wrote about this day.
I mean- it's memorable, but it's not like me to write 'bout it.

Oh well.
I will never write a post this long ever again.
I promise.

11/4/05 11:06 am - just on a holiday...lalala

So damn chilly in IT. It always be. [Sigh] I will die from the chilliness of omg, I'm gonna die. Soooo cold. I'm wearing a jacket and I'm still...Ugh. Ergh. Argh.

Anyway, Charleston this weekend was quite an experience.

We didn't go to the aquarium like I had wanted, but we went shopping instead which was cool 'cause I got to go into this store called Loose Lucy's. It's a hippie store. And quite cool. Thanks to Ben or else I would've been stuck in the 'Slaves Market' the entire time. We also went on a boat tour and they had this crab there and we terrorized it and Mary spent about 20 minutes, trying to pick it up without it severing one of her fingers off. But in the end, it grabbed ahold of Devin's daddy instead. Plus there was a little flounder-thingy with both eyes on one side and we spotted some bottle nosed dolphins. They were gray n shiney.dolpihin YAY!

Then, later on that night, we went on a ghost tour. Ooooo. ghostour The lady, Carrie, wasn;t very spooky and didn;t do a very good job of telling the stories. She seemed nervous too, she kept fidgeting with her ring on her index finger. But none the less, it was cool to be out at night around the city. It's spooky even without the lame ass stories.

The next morning, we went on a carriage ride around the city. That was my favorite part, minus the stinky stinky horses!!! cheif Our horses name was Cheif and he was 'spoiled'. Our tour guide lady was really good at her job and I failed to realize that she only had one hand until Mackenzie told me later on the bus.

Then I t on for the long ride home only to find I was locked out of my house.
And then only to find almost an hour later, there was, in fact, a dorr open in the back. strupidme

Oh well.
It's good to be back.
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