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Dharma Rose

Ariel Rose
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Ariel Rose



311, 50 first dates, 99 red balloons, a clockwork orange, air drums, air guitar, aqua teen hunger force, ariel, artemis, ava adore, ben, ben's pillow, billy corgan, blue hair, bobble head dolls, breaking, bright eyes, cake or death, caligraphy, cheap trick, chocolate milk, corderoy, cotton candy, counting crows, cruel intentions, d'arcy wretzky, dancing, def leppard, disarm, eddie izzard, edward gorey, eyelashes, family guy, filming, fire, flannel, forgiving, freckles, fuzzy bunny slippers, gay jokes, giving, goo goo dolls, googily eyes, grateful dead, greek mythology, green hair, greenday, guns n' roses, hair, happy mania, happy noodle boy, home movies, hot gimmick, hugging, incense, incubus, ini kamoze, its all material anyway, james iha, jim morrison, jimmy buffet, jimmy chamberlin, jthm, keeping everything, killing squrriels, kissing, koalas, laughing, led zeppelin, letters, listening, londonbeat, love, lust, marine biology, mark lindsay, meat wad, mikey spice, modest mouse, morgan heritage, muse, my pink pants, nin, numerology, oar, october project, oil pastels, one headlight, over-sized shirts, pacman, painting, pantera, photography, pink floyd, pink hair, pleasure club, pretending, pretty girls make graves, promises, radiohead, rancid, reading, red roses, remembering everything, roses, saves the day, sea monkies, seth green, sharlene boodram, simon and garfunkle, sketching, smashing pumpkins, smoke, soul coughing, spinal tap, spitalfield, squee, steely dan, stir it up, straight jokes, the 50's, the 60's, the 70's, the 80's, the 90's, the clash, the doors, the everlasting gaze, the gashlycrumb tinies, the middle east, the shore, the skatalies, the wallflowers, tichone, totoro, traveling, tropical shirts, trying harder, understanding, van morrison, writing, zebras,